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Somehow you made something very difficult look easy!

The manner in which Leslie Henderson managed the complicated and tedious process of short selling my home in Reno was one of the most impressive displays of professional competence I have ever seen. No lesser words could accurately describe what she did. When I arrived in her office at 10 am for our initial consult, I was feeling a bit tight because I knew there were several explanatory letters and financial forms that would be difficult to complete accurately and take weeks. When I left four hours later all the papers needed from me were done. I couldn’t believe it! Although the short sale process would run its course over the next three months, I was finished except for signing and notarizing certain documents Leslie would occasionally send me. We closed right on time and all the bank statements about not pursuing any additional payments were in place. Thank you Leslie. Somehow you made something very difficult look easy.”

~ Robert Winquist, Satisfied Customer ~

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