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Leslie Henderson

Leslie has been in the real estate industry since 2002.  Her work experience prior to entering real estate has set her up with the skills as both a fierce negotiator and an incredibly successful real estate agent.  Her first year in real estate she closed 53 real estate transactions representing mostly buyers and was nominated as “Rookie of the Year” by her peers in her local Multiple Listing Service.  Before long, she transitioned to a top listing agent.

Leslie’s persistence and tenacity served her very well through the real estate bubble and the surge of short sales from 2008 to 2013.  In 2012, she was ranked #6 in the Reno/Tahoe Real Estate Market by listing Short Sales and bank owned listings almost exclusively.  Short Sales are very difficult transactions that require developing a strategy with the bank to get the homeowner relieved from excess debt on the home due to a change in financial circumstances, decline in market value, or simply life changes.  Leslie’s client testimonials and never ending stream of past client referrals speak volumes about how she handled these very difficult situations.

In addition to being certified in Distressed Property listings with banks, and an expert with Short Sales, Leslie also holds the coveted Express Buyer Designation. This is a program where she can present your home to Institutional Buyers and solicit a cash offer within 2 days.  Call it Closed offers you a pool of these types of buyers.  Most other companies are tied to an exclusive agreement with only one institutional buyer platform.

Luxury homes are a very special segment of the real estate market.    Leslie understands this well and holds the CLHMS, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Designation as well.  With her B.S. in Marketing, she is able to portray the luxury lifestyle to prospective buyers both in marketing and in person.  In this market, you need an agent who understands this.

Leslie is committed to delivering respectful and informative assistance to all of her clients.  Her passion for creative problem solving and collaborative perseverance is essential to accomplishing your real estate goals.  And last but not least, Leslie is fun to work with.

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  1. Accurate statistics on area sales in order to evaluate your position in the marketplace
  2. Responding promptly to calls and inquiries
  3. Skillful negotiations
  4. Strong technology platforms
  5. Continued service after the sale
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